The Secondary academic program provides an environment for cultivating learning in bright young minds as they prepare for post-secondary education and future endeavours. Through the Ontario Ministry of Education, our accredited program delivers the curriculum while encompassing the needs, interests and learning styles of students today and preparing them for participation in the global community.

Academic Programs

Bond’s Secondary program allows students to obtain their OSSD in a small classroom environment, which allows for greater one-on-one interaction with their teachers. Our students develop 21st Century skills such as critical thinking, team work, digital literacy and global citizenship to prepare them for their post-secondary education and future careers.

Bond Academy Secondary (Gr. 9-12) Book List 2023-2024

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  • Arts
  • Business
  • Career Studies
  • English
  • Foreign Languages
  • Geography
  • Health & Phys. Ed.
  • History/Canadian Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Sciences
  • Social Sciences
  • Computer Science
  • * AP Programs
  • * Elite Basketball Program


We provide many opportunities for leadership skills to flourish and mature within our school and the community. Team-building events, inter-school Quiz Competitions, student-led extracurricular clubs and intramural athletic events are just some of the opportunities in which leadership is nurtured.

Social Issues

In combination with Character Education and our social sciences curriculum in school, we incorporate aspects of local and global issues for exploration & action. In the past we have been involved with the Children’s Wish Foundation, Food Banks, World Vision, OPSCA, MADD, Free the Children Foundation, and Haitian Relief. We are committed to the Terry Fox Run every year.


At Bond we abide by a code of behaviour which reflects our values and beliefs. These assist us to develop a sense of responsibility and commitment to the school and the community at large. Our active world at school is regulated by the school’s expectations.


  • All members of the school community are treated with respect, courtesy and dignity.
  • Teachers will have the opportunity to teach and that students will have the opportunity to learn.
  • All students will have the opportunity to participate fully and safely in school, be it in the classroom, the school  yard, special events, sports, extracurricular activities or school trips.
  • The expectations for appropriate behaviour are identified and taught.
  • The process for ensuring that these expectations are followed is consistent and familiar.
  • Everyone will develop an appreciation of the impact of their behaviour, both positive and negative, on others.
  • The students learn that rules, policies and procedures provide guidelines for behaviour, but that control of behaviour will be internalized via self control.

Co-Curricular Programs

Complementing our academics is an opportunity for all students to participate in a wide variety of teams and/or clubs which enrich the lives of our students. We believe in the importance of a well-rounded and balanced life that is enhanced through involvement in our co-curricular programs and participation in Inter-school Sports Programs as a member of the Small Schools Athletic Federation.

Graduation Prospects

Our graduates enjoy a high acceptance rate to post-secondary institutions. Many of our students are awarded scholarships based on grades achieved.


Universities/Colleges Attended by Bond Graduates

Brock University

Carleton University

Centennial College

Dalhousie University

George Brown College

Guelph University

Humber College

McGill University

McMaster University

Memorial University

OCAD University

Ontario Tech University

Queen’s University

Seneca College

Sheridan College

Simon Fraser University

Toronto Metropolitan University

Trent University

University of Alberta

University of British Columbia

University of Toronto

University of Waterloo

Western University 

York University