outines and Initiatives
  • develop basic self-help skills such as washroom skills
  • develop respect for the property of others2nd
  • develop responsibility for their own belongings
  • develop understanding of routines and classroom rules

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

  • strengthen small muscles through stringing, peg boards, building cubes, puzzles and creative works
  • develop pincer grips with chalk, pencils, tracing
  • print first name
  • listen and follow directions
  • work co-operatively in a group

Social Development

  • demonstrate enthusiastic attitude towards learning
  • develop positive interactions with children and adults
  • share with and care about others
  • participate in classroom discussions and circle

Importance of Play

  • solitary play and social interaction with peers
  • modelling positive, acceptable behaviour
  • role playing and problem solving
  • cause and effect: consequences of one’s actio