Bond Academy’s Junior and Senior Kindergarten program is designed to develop the personal and academic skills of the student. We promote the students’ confidence and self-esteem, encouraging an extension to the limits of their learning.

Beginning Stage

The initial stage of our program is spent assessing the individual skills and needs of the students. As they become accustomed to and comfortable with their new environment, students are challenged on an individual basis to excel within their strengths and improve upon their weaknesses.


Our goal is to strive for excellence through a curriculum based on high academic standards provided within a stimulating and supportive environment. Each area of study in the curriculum is targeted with the expectation that the child will master and extend the basic skills and knowledge related to each subject.

Early Start Programs

In our Literacy program, reading is taught phonetically and by the end of Junior Kindergarten the children are able to begin reading simple phonetic books. They are initially encouraged to print in lower case letters as their readers are in lower case print. Their progress is tracked using a reading assessment tool designed to provide the teacher with specific strategies needed to monitor and stimulate the development of each student’s literacy skills.

Mathematics and Science are introduced through a “hands-on approach”. This will expose our students to materials that are used to facilitate and extend their understanding along the continuum, from concrete to abstract.

Students will be exposed to the basics in our core French program, which starts in Junior Kindergarten.

Students participate in weekly Swimming lessons as a part of our daily physical and health education program.

With individualized instruction to facilitate and enhance progress, there is evidence of accelerated learning at an early age, providing our students with a head start in forming a solid foundation to build upon in their future academic years.

Before and After School Programs

Our Before and After School Programs are included at no additional cost. The Before School Program runs from 7:00 a.m. to – 8:40 a.m. Parents drop off their children knowing they are safe and supervised by qualified staff. Following dismissal from class, the students are escorted to the After School Program. The After School Program closes at 5:30 p.m. and provides a variety of supervised activities including educational games, outdoor play time /gym time and a quiet area for the completion of homework.


For more specific details on the specific curriculum of Kindergartern, please click here to download.