Bond Academy offers an enriched academic curriculum set by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Caring and dedicated staff, small classes and commitment to our philosophy develop and refine the students’ skills as a learner.

Academic Curriculum

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Early Start Literacy / Numeracy Program

The Early Start Literacy program builds on the materials taught in the kindergarten and Montessori programs. Students further develop their reading, writing and speaking skills. Teachers track each student’s literacy skills providing specific strategies needed to monitor and stimulate their development.

Our Numeracy program focuses on understanding of math concepts, developing problem solving skills including coding, and applying these skills through enrichment activities in all grade levels. Success in Mathematics is often a foundation for success in other subjects.

Arts Programs

The Arts Programs are divided into three main areas of study: Drama, Music and Visual Arts. Teachers specializing in these areas provide a solid program, introducing students to basic principles and concepts. Throughout their elementary experience, students nurture a fondness for the Arts.

Drama Program: Every aspect of the performing arts is covered within the Drama Program. Students demonstrate their understanding of the basic elements, interpret the meaning of literary materials, and create drama pieces. They also learn to make comparisons between their own and professional works. Production and technology aspects are introduced to students in later grades.

Music Program: The Music program teaches students the elements of musical creativity and composition as early as kindergarten, continuing to Grade 8. Strong emphasis is placed on using and understanding basic terminology; reading, writing and performing various sounds. Students also learn to analyze and express their responses to music, drawing from Cultural, Historical and Social references. Students in Grades 4 to 8 develop their singing and playing (instrumental) abilities.

Visual Arts Programs: Bond Academy’s Visual Arts program develops creativity and the ability to communicate through visual images. Students learn to use the elements and principles of design through a variety of media such as painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, arts and crafts, printmaking and architecture. Students apply their understanding of the elements and principles of design by verbally analyzing artwork from different periods, movements and their own work.

Daily Physical & Health Education

The development of a healthy body and lifestyle is critical to our students’ personal and academic successes. Students develop the necessary skills and confidence to pursue a healthy lifestyle. Our approach is multifaceted; our daily Physical and Health Education program, access to our Aquatics program, Intramural Sports, Extracurricular Activities and our membership in the SSFA (Small School Athletic Federation), allows Bond to compete in various sports with other private schools.

Aquatics Program

A component of our Physical and Health Education program includes weekly swimming lessons. Qualified instructors teach our swim classes, focusing on the individual skill development of our students.

Before & After School Programs 

The Before and After School Programs provide a safe, secure and stimulating transition between the home and Bond Academy. The Before School Program runs from 7:00 a.m. to 8:40 a.m. Parents drop off their children knowing they are safe and supervised by qualified staff. Following dismissal from class or the homework room, the students are escorted to the After School Program. The After School Program closes at 5:30 p.m. and provides a variety of supervised activities including educational games, outdoor play time / gym time and a quiet area for the completion of homework. As an important component of our safety and security plan, all Montessori Casa and Elementary students are enrolled at no additional cost.

Homework Club

Our mandatory Homework Club runs from 4:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. under the supervision of qualified teaching staff. This allows students and their families the opportunity to pursue interests outside of school without affecting the completion of their assignments.