Bond Secondary students took part in the event of Feats of Strength, put on by my Gr. 12 Leadership Class, Thursday morning. All participants had a great time together. Points are awarded to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finishers of each event.

Below is the list of each event winner. And the top 3 student finishers from the Feats of Strength Competition are also listed.

Congratulations to Aniya Lawrence!

She has been awarded the Feats of Strength Crown… specially hand crafted by our very own Jaime Wu. You may see her flaunting her crown in the halls.

1st Place: Aniyah Lawrence 8 points

2nd Place: Mia Sandy 7 points

3rd Place: Jackson Gao 5 points
Winner of Musical Chairs: Ryen Gallaghar
Winner of the Beep Running Test: Aniyah Lawrence (Level 16)
Winner of the Three Explosive Broad Jumps Challenge: Jackson (Distance: 8m 59cm)
Winner of the Weighted Wall Sit: Mia Sandy (Time: 2:44)
Winter of the Balloon Relay Race: Zee, Kaylah, Calista, Dani.
Thank you to all participants and Congratulations to all winners!
Feats of Strength (2)