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Success starts at Bond ...academics and beyond!
At Bond Academy, we focus on the holistic growth of our students through the acquisition of 21st Century skills, to prepare them for their post secondary pathways. Promoting the academic, social, physical and character development of our students!
BA (6)
Beyond the books !
Education as it should be!
"Education as it should be" including a healthy active lifestyle are the foundations of Bond. We strive to encourage our students to reach their full potential by developing into kind, caring and active members of our society.
Be bold. Be Bond !
High personal and academic standards are set for all!
Students are recognized and respected as unique individuals, partnerships with our families and the community.

WHAT'S on...

Bond Secondary Students Challenging Canadian Team Mathematics Contest
The Canadian Team Mathematics Contest (CTMC) from University of Waterloo is an exciting and challenging competition where participants work in teams to flex their mathematical problem-solving skills through fun and engaging activities.
20240405_Spirit of Wisdom_slider20240405_Spirit of Wisdom_slider
SPIRIT OF WISDOM: Building Curiosity Among School Students
Bond Academy organized the third edition of the interschool quiz competition - Spirit of Wisdom on April 5th, 2024, at Bond Campus located at 1500 Birchmount Road, Scarborough, Ontario.
There were seven private schools participating in the event. Crestwood Preparatory College bagged the first prize, and the second prize was shared by two schools, TMS school and Hawthorn School for girls.
Bond Academy Spring Open HouseBond Academy Spring Open House
April 25! Bond Academy Spring OPEN HOUSE
We are holding an Open House on Thursday, April 25th, 2024, from 12:30 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
You and your family will be able to visit Bond Academy, receive a tour of our facilities, meet staff, ask questions and observe our students and teachers in their programs. Please do not hesitate to call (416) 266-8878 if you have any questions.
Ski Trip_SliderSki Trip_Slider
Bond Secondary Ski Trip
Nineteen Bond students took to the slopes and showcased some great skiing, snowboarding and snow fighting ability! It was a great day!
Sitting Third Place at Toronto Kiwanis Festival 2024Sitting Third Place at Toronto Kiwanis Festival 2024
Bond Academy Band Sitting The Third Place at Toronto Kiwanis Festival
Participating in this event is an annual tradition at Bond. Both teachers and students were so happy to be able to rejoin such a large event this year. Our school band finished the 3rd place at last. Congratulations!
Bond Library, Winter Hightlights 2024Bond Library, Winter Hightlights 2024
Bond Library, Winter Hightlights: New Year, New Books, New Events and Activities!
Enjoy our new graphic novels, “Dragon Masters” series, “Black History Matters” series, and books that celebrate cultures!


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    I really like the small class sizes here. I also have a couple of my friends coming from Grade 8 to Grade 9 and Grade 10 with me. People here are so nice and friendly. It is not very hard to meet people and talk with people. Everyone is so nice, I really like this school.

    Laura R. (Canada) Joined Bond Academy in 2006
    Admitted to Life Science Program
    University of Toronto in 2019

    Studying in an international school is very different. There aren’t many schools like it in Toronto and there is great value in that. It is an experience that no other school really offers because you get exposed to different cultures. You don’t really know something until you actually experience it. It makes you well rounded. It makes you cultured. And I think being cultured and being global is something that I find very, very important in life because as the world grows, as more and more people intermix, you have to be able to be used to this. You have to put aside your biases and become educated, become global, become cultured.

    Boston S. (Canada) Joined Bond Academy in 2005
    Admitted to Computer Science Program
    University of Toronto in 2019

    The teachers here know you well and care about you. They are willing to let students learn in a way they feel most comfortable with. While the subjects are not easy for me, I have good friends and teachers who are ready to help me and explain to me what I do n’t understand. I am grateful to my parents for giving me this opportunity to have these wonderful experiences with Bond.

    Deisy Z. (Jamaica) Admitted to Biotechnology Program
    York University in 2019