Our unique camps combine morning academic programs with afternoon camp activities such as Arts, Crafts & Music, Sports, Cooking and Carnival.

Academic Mornings

The mornings of the camp will consist of weekly spelling lists, phonics activities, writing, mini novel studies, math and science. All lessons will be targeted to the different age groups. There will also be an added component of Character Education. At Bond Academy we believe it is imperative to build positive character traits and values. Throughout the summer, campers will be taught important life skills while focusing on a different character trait each week. The campers will also have the opportunity to work on the computers that are located in each class to assist and enhance their enrichment.


Biology - Topics including Zoology and Botany

Geography - The study will focus on the exploration of The Universe and The Earth.

History - There will be an opportunity for discussion of the Fundamental Needs of People, Past and Present events and The Passage of Time through various exercises and projects.

Note: All campers are asked to come prepared with two (2) exercise books, pencil crayons, pencils, erasers and a glue stick.

Arts, Crafts & Music

All children will enjoy our Arts, Crafts & Music week. Painting, pottery, bracelet/necklace making and picture frames are only some of the fun activities the children will participate in. Drama and dance will also be included to allow children the opportunity to express their creative talents.


Who does not love to be active and to play sports? Sports will be another focus of our camp program. Children will be involved in fun and cooperative games. Some games will involve friendly competition, however, fun and participation are the ultimate goals. 


Following a theme related academic morning, the afternoon activities will consist of preparing a different item each day.   Throughout the week we will also be discussing nutrition and table etiquette. 


Carnival week is the perfect opportunity for your child to participate in non-stop fun and games. The children won't be able to stop talking about all the exciting activities such as face painting, costume and mask making, and a variety of "Midway" inspired games. 

Fun & Exciting Afternoons

Camp Schedule 2018 

July 03 - July 06~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Arts, Crafts & Music~~~~~~~~~~~~July 30 - August 03 
July 09 - July 13~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Sports~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~August 07 - August 10** 
July 16 - July 20~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cooking~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~August 13 - August 17 
July 23 - July 27~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Carnival~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~August 20 - August 24 

** No camp on the Civic Holiday - August 6 

Free Before & After Camp Programs 

The Before & After Camp Programs provide a safe, secure and stimulating transition between the home and camp. The Before Camp Program runs from 7:00 a.m. to 8:45 a.m. Parents drop-off their children knowing they are safe and supervised by qualified staff. Following dismissal from class, the students are escorted to the After School Program. The After School Program closes at 6:00 p.m. and provides a variety of supervised activities. As an important component of our safety and security plan, the Before & After Camp Programs are available at no additional cost.


$250.00 / Week (Local Campers)

$300.00 / Week (International Campers) 

* Our fees include all activities as well as our before & after camp care. 

** For an additional fee, home-stay accommodations, Airport pick-up & drop-off, and medical insurance are available for international campers. 

*** All activities and prices are subject to change without notice. 

Summer Camp Application Form 2018 Montessori
Summer Camp Application Form 2018 
Summer Camp Application Form 2018 International

Please direct all inquires to:

             Jane Phillips
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