Bond Elementary Teacher Won “Teacher of the Month”!

On the morning of January 15th, some special guests visited the Grade 6 class at Bond Academy. They were from OMNI TV. They came to Bond to give the Golden Apple Award to Mr. Mich Poulin, one of the Bond Elementary Teachers for winning the “Teacher of the Month”.

The Golden Apple Award is a special award designed to recognize teachers that display dedication towards their profession and serve as an inspiration to their students. For being the Teacher of the Month, Mr. Poulin not only won the Golden Apple Award, but also enjoyed a 2-4-1 Pizza lunch with his entire class.

When asked about his students, Mr. Poulin mentioned proudly that his students had been doing great, “I believe they will continue doing well. We will keep working on our projects and try to expand the way they think about the world.”

The message written by Antonio Maxwell-Rivera, a Grade 6 student at Bond, when nominating Mr. Poulin was: “He is funny. He is creative. And he doesn’t want us to fail. He makes sure we work at being our best.”

Congratulations to Mr. Poulin on winning the Golden Apple Award for the “Teacher of the Month”!