Bond Wins the Withrow Cup Cross Country!

On October 6th, 2016, Bond Academy’s Grades 1 to 8 students participated in the Withrow Cup Cross Country meet. Bond’s Cross Country team achieved the top overall standing and won the Withrow Cup again — for the fourth year in a row!

“We had 55 students participate in the event this year. Our team did really well! We had many finishers in the top three places. In the races, no one gave up and they did their best.” said Royal Carney, Athletics Director at Bond. “The students were cheering for their teammates along the way and around the finishing line. They really made a great team effort.”

“The event was great, especially in this beautiful weather. Every one came in today, and did an amazing job. ” said Mr. Gayle, a Bond parent. His son Preston earned a gold medal in the Under 14 division.

“Bond has won the Withrow Cup Cross Country Meet for the fourth time in a row. That’s not an accidental result. It comes from the training and practicing guided by their coaches. ” said Iris, a Bond parent. “What the kids did was impressive. The coaches brought the best out of the kids, and we can really see their improvement. Dabiye was only in fourth place going around the corner, but he kept it up and paced himself, so he won a gold medal at the end.”

“We practiced twice a week, and it helped me keep going throughout this year’s Cross Country. Even though the distance was longer than last year, we still ran the whole round without stopping. ” said Sam and Bay, both Grade 6 students at Bond.

Determination, hard work and leadership skills were demonstrated by all of our team members. The coaches are also proud of all our competitors. Congratulations to all the participants and the coaches. You are awesome! Go Bond Go!