Campus Security

Security is every parent's concern; it is also a high priority for Bond Academy!

As such, we have implemented a fully secure school environment, with all entrances locked at all times. Individualized security codes have been issued to all staff and student families, to provide our families with assigned access through both the cafeteria doors and the front doors. 

For security reasons and to maintain the integrity of our classroom programs during instructional hours (8:55a.m. to 3:50p.m.), only staff and students will have full access to the hallways and classrooms. Authorized visitors/parents will be provided limited access. 

If you need to enter the school during instructional time, parents/visitors will need to enter by the front door, sign in at the front desk, listing the purpose of the visit. To meet or speak with a teacher, you will need to pre-arrange a time with the teacher. You will be assigned and must wear a visitor/volunteer badge. Return the badge and sign out when you leave.