“Throughout the entire application process, my teachers at Bond have been helping me to the best of their abilities. If your resume and proven ability are what attracts the university, the support and encouragement you received from your teachers are what clear your path. ”

Jessica Liu
Alumni, 2015-2017

"I really have to thank the Bond staff. They really helped me develop as a person. All the teachers were really kind to me and helped motivate me to try my best. My friends were always there to help me to change as an individual. I've changed a lot during my 13 years attending Bond. Hopefully I will keep these changes as I move forward. "

Michael Hack,
Alumni, 2002-2015

"I would like to extend the thanks to not only my fellow students but also the majority of teachers for pushing me out of my comfort zone, and helping me to gain a different view and different perspective on life, and help me to develop into who I am today."

Chelsea Campbell
Alumni, 2007-2015

"I have never really been big for sports until this year. Thanks to Mr. Carney for pushing me to join many sports this year: like basketball, volleyball, and badminton. It has helped me believe in myself more, so I know I can do anything I put my mind to."

Hailey Janae Brady,
Alumni, 2014-2017

"Over the ten years that I've been here, I've made many friends. My grades were really good every year. The gym program toughened me up and taught me great endurance and pushed me to new limits. I think I had the greatest time at Bond."

Eric Alejandro Parra,
Alumni, 2007-2017

"Today I am everything I ever dreamed I would be because I learned so much at Bond. Bond has taught me how to socialize with people I don't know. I would like to emphasize that Bond Academy is the best school I have ever attended!"

Luv Gurbani,
Alumni, 2013-2016

"During these years, the teachers have pushed me to become the person I am today. They have played a key role in building up my knowledge for the future. My experience here at Bond has made a significant imprint in my life and I know that it'll to be a permanent one."

Benjamin Kwan,
Alumni, 2011-2016

"Bond has really helped me develop as a person, thanks to the great teachers who have made it happen. Being here has helped build my character and helped me excel in many different ways; athletically, and academically."

Megan Ing,
Alumni, 2013-2015

"This school formed me into who I am and I wouldn't be in the position for success like I am today without it. I have learned so much from the staff, the teachers, my coaches and the students. I'm looking forward to coming back and visiting."

John Hachey,
Alumni, 2005-2015

"I love how much energy Bond athletes showed during the games. It is always filled with lots of excitement during Bond's games. It's awesome to see so many teachers and students come to show their support. We all cheer together for the Bond teams. They are doing a great job!"

 "My son has been transferred from a public school to Bond when he was in Grade 4. He was very shy when he first got here. He is in Grade 7 now, and he's been involved and did well in more school activities than I thought."

"Bond is a great school. Not only for the academics, but also the sports, the arts and the good balance of everything; good kids, who are responsible and polite. It's just a good environment. It's awesome, as my daughter says to me every day. My daughter has been lucky enough to have some really great teachers. They are really supportive, and you can really work in a team environment."

"Bond is a truly magical place. I am a parent of two children who are thriving because of the incredibly dedicated, caring and wonderful staff who completely have my children's best interest at heart in everything that they do! If I could go back to the beginning and do all of my education again, Bond would be where I would do it. Love everything about this place!"