Bond Academy prides itself on the development of our students through our interactive , supportive learning environment. Our students are encouraged to strive to reach academic excellence in our small classes with kind committed teachers. If students need enrichment or resource assistance, we have the programs that will assist the students in these areas. 

Bond Academy also provides an opportunity for our students to excel in our arts programs. Our junior and senior choirs, vocal music programs and our instrumental  music programs and bands, are an integral part of our pursuit of excellence in the development of our performing arts. If your child is interested in Drama or Visual Arts, Bond is the place for them. Our award winning Drama teacher and our Art teacher provide our students with a supportive environment in both the elementary and secondary curriculum.

Bond Academy staff and administration believe in a healthy active lifestyle. Our daily Physical and Health Education program inspires the students to perform at both the competitive and school levels. Each student participates in a daily curriculum based physical education activity as well as weekly swimming lessons. Experience winning! Join Bond! Learn new skills! Have fun!

Bond Academy encourages students in their studies of foreign languages. Early start French begins at 3 years of age and continues through their secondary studies. Free language lessons are offered in our after school program.  

Bond Academy provides an opportunity for success at the Montessori Casa, Kindergarten, Elementary and Secondary levels! Join us – Be successful!

Principal's Message

As Principal of Bond International College and Bond Academy Secondary programs, I continue as an educator after many years with the Toronto District School Board.

With the Toronto District School Board, formerly the Scarborough Board of Education, I was a Science teacher, House Leader, Department Head, Vice-Principal and Principal at 9 different schools. As a Principal for 17 years, I was at four schools with many different philosophies, strengths and needs.

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