Bond Grade 5 Mock Election

On March 5, nine candidates from the Bond Grade 5 class, including James, Noah, Rhiah, Nashita, Raymond, Victor, Helen, Aisling, and Dabiye, gave speeches to the Grades 2-8 for an interesting Mock Election for class Prime Minister.

The candidates each expressed why they would make a great class Prime Minister, highlighting their leadership qualities. They also discussed problems they see in the school and what they believe as solutions to change them. "For example, James talked about getting more outdoor equipment for recess through fundraising. Several candidates addressed having the program STEM implemented in classrooms. Another student addressed getting more microwaves so they wouldn't have to wait long to heat their lunches." said Ms. Ameree, the Grade 5 Teacher at Bond. "I'm very proud of the candidates because it was optional to run and they took the initiative. They wrote excellent speeches and demonstrated confidence by answering questions from the large audience." 

Grade 5 is learning about the Role of the Canadian Government in their second social studies unit and what it means to be a responsible citizen. "They are examining significant issues in Canada and developing plans and actions that they, as students, can carry out." she added, "We've been discussing topics that include whether the voting age should be under 18, and whether a political party or an individual candidate is more important. Students learned key words - candidates, democracy, election, riding, polling station, ballot and want to make change together as a class community. They are not 18 years old yet but they can certainly form a class government and discuss changes they'd like to see for their class, school, and beyond."

All Grade 5 students learned from this election; they understand change can be made, no matter their age. They learned that by communicating and working together, their voices will be heard. They learned about the real election/government process that occurs within the Canadian government at all levels. 

On March 6, 82 students and teachers voted for the next Grade 5 Prime Minister. The Election results include: Class Prime Minister - Rhiah Kandiah (23 votes), Deputy Prime Minister (as Vice President) - James Guse (18 votes), and two Members of Parliament - Victor Tirca (8 votes) and Noah Anthonypillai (8 votes).

Principal's Message

As Principal of Bond International College and Bond Academy Secondary programs, I continue as an educator after many years with the Toronto District School Board.

With the Toronto District School Board, formerly the Scarborough Board of Education, I was a Science teacher, House Leader, Department Head, Vice-Principal and Principal at 9 different schools. As a Principal for 17 years, I was at four schools with many different philosophies, strengths and needs.

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